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FROSTY PICTURES / winter aerial photos
TOP DOWN / Jeseniky region from above
TOP DOWN / vertical photos of a trees (Islands)
SUNRISES & SUNSETS / golden watch in the Jeseniky Mountains
ASKIBURGION OROS / landscape pictures from Jeseniky area
AROUND THE WORLD / pictures from Croatia, Slovenia and Poland
BLUE SKY / priority heaven
MONOCHROMATIC / black & white pictures
SPORT / land & water
Tomáš Neuwirth is freelance international award-winning photographer that specializes in drone photography. He was born on the 22 of July 1972 in Rýmařov in the Czech Republic. A major milestone in his life was the year 1995, when he began to devote himself to paragliding. As a pilot, he was fascinated by taking pictures of the bird's eye, then still on the 35mm film camera. The following year, he moved to the USA. But his stay here after three and a half years ended the paragliding incident and with serious injuries of the spine he returned to the Czech Republic. He then spent eight months in a sanatorium, learned not only to walk again, but also met his future wife Gabriela. The acquisition of aerial footage continued to attract him. First, he made the images with the help of the RC model of paragliding glider, but with the advent of unmanned technologies, new possibilities were opened. His first dron he folded in 2011, it was a kit from the Xaircraft company. However, the desired shots were made by commercially produced drones in the following years. Today, Tomas is involved in drone and classical photography professionally. By selecting extraordinary places and post-production processing, he pushes the drone photography from the Landscape to Fine Art area. In 2019 he succesed to win with the photo "Cemetery" in the prestigious contest MIFA-Moscow International Fotography Awards (category Nature). In the same year, The Independent Photographer Magazine included his "A Cold Road" image among the TOP 10 Most incredible landscapes from across the planet. Adrenaline sports still attract him, he is devoted to mountain biking and occasionally yachting.
Awards /2018 - 2020
MIFA / Moscow International Foto Awards (RUS) Place Winner - Nature Photographer of the Year, 100 countries, 4.000 entries
Gold Award - Nature / Aerial category

TIFA / Tokyo International Foto Awards (JPN)
Silver Award - Nature / Aerial category
Silver Award - Nature / Aerial category

BIFA / Budapest International Foto Awards (HUN)
Honorable Mention - Fine Art / Landscape category

IPA / International Photography Awards (USA)
Honorable Mention - Nature / Aerial category, 110 countries, 12.000 entries

PX3 / Prix de la Photographie Paris (FRA)
Honorable Mention - Fine Art / Architecture category, 100 countries, 7.000 entries
Honorable Mention - Nature / Landscapes category

APA / Annual Photography Awards
Honorable Mention - Landscapes category

SIPA / Siena International Photo Awards (ITA)
Finalist - Landscapes category, 160 countries, 50.000 entries
2x Picture of The Day

ND / Neutral Density Photography Awards
Honorable Mention - Natural / Aerial category

CHROMATIC AWARDS, International Color Photography Contest
Honorable Mention - Landscape category

Minimalist Photography Awards (DEU)
Honorable Mention - Aerial Photography category, 46 countries, 3.400 entries

American Photography Open (USA)
Finalist / TOP 10 - Landscapes / Travel category
Short list / TOP 50 - Landscapes / Travel category

Drone Awards Photo Contest (ITA)
Commended - Nature category, 107 countries, 4.500 entries
Finalist - Abstract category
Finalist - Video category

The Independent Photographer (DEU)
Finalist / TOP 10 - Landscapes Competition
Selected - Talents of the Year

CEWE Photo Award Competition (DEU)
TOP 31-1000 Place - Landscape category, 448.152 entries

London Photo Festival (GRB)
Selected - Abstract Photography Competition  
Selected - PhotoZÜRICH 20, The Director’s Series

More Art Please (ROM)
2x Selected - Landscapes Competition

XPOSURE International Photography & Film Competition (UAE)
2.nd Place - Nature & Landscape category, 120 countries, 14.840 entries
Finalist / TOP 7 - Nature & Landscape category

CITY CODE Art Magazine (GRC) Place Winner - Black & White Photography Contest
Readers’ Award Winner - Black & White Photography Contest

One Eyeland (IND) Place Winner - Country’s TOP 10 Landscape Photographers
Silver Award - World’s TOP 10 Landscape Photographers, Aerial category
Finalist - World’s TOP 10 Landscape Photographers, Aerial category
Finalist - World’s TOP 10 Landscape Photographers, Abstract category
Silver Award - One Eyeland Awards, Architecture category, 64 countries, 4.000 entries
2.nd Place - Country’s TOP 10 Black & White Photographers
Silver Award - World’s TOP 10 B&W Photo, Landscapes cat., 65 countries, 2.000 entries
Finalist - World’s TOP 10 B&W Photo, Landscapes category
Selected - One Eyeland Book, BEST OF THE BEST PHOGRAPHERS
Picture of The Week
Picture of The Day

Photographic Federation of Slovenia (SVN)
Gold Medal (PSA) - DRONE / 1st International Exhibition, Aero Open category
Bronze Medal (FIAP) - DRONE / 1st International Exhibition, Aero Abstact category

CHKO Jeseníky (CZE) Place Winner - Fotosoutěž Jak vidím Jeseníky, Open theme category

Greenstorm Foundation (IND)
Finalist - Nature Photography Contest, Breath of Nature theme, 5.300 entries

International Photography Magazine (USA)
Nominee - Photography Grant, Portfolio of 10 pictures / Landscape category

35 AWARDS / International Photography Awards (RUS)
2.nd Place, Best Photographers - White Color contest, 100 countries, 7.763 entries
3.rd Place, Best Photos - White Color contest
TOP 10, Best Photographers - Art Photography contest, 105 countries, 8.650 entries
TOP 10, Best Photos - Art Photography contest
TOP 35, Best Photographers - Conceptual Minimalism, 110 countries, 7.960 entries
TOP 2%, Best Photos - Conceptual Minimalism

Photo Crowd (GRB)
3.rd Place - Landscapes Photoconest Place - View Looking Down from the Air
Commended - Winter creatures contest
Commended - Amazing aerials
TOP 10 - Winding Roads Photocontest
TOP 10 - Sprimgtime

View Bug  (USA)
Finalist - The Minimalist Marketplace Project

Guru Shots (USA)
Selected - Mostly White Exhibition
10x Guru’s Pick

03/2019  /  Photo Contest How I can see the Jeseniky Mountains - Traveling exhibition (Rýmařov, Bruntál, Šumperk, Staré Město, Karlova Studánka, Jeseník), Czech Republic
04/2019  /  Focus on the Jeseniky Mountains / Pair Exhibition - Katovna Gallery, Jeseník, Czech Republic
06/2019  /  MIFA Winners Exhibition - Moscow Photocenter, Russia
08/2019  /  MORE ART PLEASE - Landscapes Exhibition, Rope Street Museum, Brašov, Romania
09/2019  /  Abstract Photography Exhibition - Harris & Hoole Cafe Gallery, London, United Kingdom
09/2019  /  Xposure Internationl Photography Festival - Expo Centre Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
09/2019  /  MIFA Winners Exhibition - Artel Gallery Cafe, Minsk, Belarus
10/2019  /  Im Zentrum / V centru - City Library Cafe, Jeseník, Czech Republic
10/2019  /  Beyond The Lens - SIPA Contest Festival, Siena Gallery, Italy
10/2019  /  Sky's The Limit - Art School of Duccio, Siena, Italy
10/2019  /  GuruShots - Mostly White Exhibition, BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany  
10/2019  /  MIFA Winners Exhibition - ARTMUZA Contemporary Art Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
11/2019  /  American Photography Open Winners - Angel Orensanz Foundation, New York, USA
12/2019  /  DRONE 2019 - International Exhibition of Photography - Center Noordung, Vitanje, Slovenia
12/2019  /  Greenstorm Foundation - Kochi Design Week, Design Island Bolgatty, India
12/2019  /  MIFA Winners Exhibition - Universal Scientific Library, Simferopol, Crimean Republican
01/2020  /  PhotoZÜRICH 20 - Halle 622 & StageOne, Zürich Oerlikon, Switzerland
01/2020  /  FORE MOST - Emering Stars of Photography, Hotel Collective, Okinawa, Japan
07/2020  /  Jeseniky Region from Above / Solo Exhibition - Neuburg Gallery, Germany  
10/2020  /  Top Down / Solo Exhibition - Gallery of Theater, Jeseník, Czech Republic
CITY CODE Art Magazine - Winter 2020, Greece
One Eyeland Book - BEST OF THE BEST PHOGRAPHERS 2019, India
The Independent Photographer - TALENTS OF THE YEAR 2018/2019, Germany
XPOSURE Photography Festival magazine 2019, United Arab Emirates
Pro Photo Daily - American Photography Open 2019 / Short List Book, USA
Chromatic Awards - Awards 2019 Book
Minimalist Photography Awards - Annual Book of the Competititon 2019, Germany
Author's Calendar - Unusual Jeseniky Region from Above 2020, Czech Republic
Author's Calendar - Jeseniky’s Sky 2020, Czech Republic
Author's Calendar - Adriatic 2020, Croatia
Author's Calendar - Askiburgion Oros 2019, Czech Republic
Tomáš Neuwirth
Na Středisku 94, Jeseník 790 01, Czech Republic
mobil: +420 739 276 340
I'm available for prints orders, exhibitions and any questions.
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